Orrin Heatlie

Lead Proponent
Orrin was born and raised in Folsom, where he and his family still reside today. The first years of his professional life were spent helping manage a small family business. In 1991 he left the business to pursue a career in Law Enforcement.

Orrin recently retired after serving 25 years as Sergeant with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office. During his career, he played an instrumental role in the management of nearly every team and division within the department. Most notably, he was a founding member and lead Negotiator in charge of the department Crisis Response and Hostage Negotiations Team. Orrin also took special interest in mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Beyond his primary assignment as Patrol Sergeant, Orrin led a variety of other successful programs within the department and was recognized as Manager of the year. He served as a firearms instructor, a less lethal weapons instructor and led the department Field Training Program. Orrin volunteered to instruct a state sponsored program to prevent racial profiling to help bridge the cultural divide and promote harmony between law enforcement and minority cultures.

Orrin’s diverse supervisory background and his experience in public service has given him a broad set of skills. One of his strongest attributes is his ability to communicate, organize and coordinate. He is a strong leader, with solid core values and the drive to get the job done.

As the lead proponent of this recall, he sees the urgent need for people to send a strong message to those who govern! “They must be held accountable to the people they serve and this rogue Governor has lost sight of that and must be recalled!”

Mike Netter

Coalition Founding Member
Mike is a veteran of distribution, sales and marketing. He has served in senior executive roles at Corporate Express and Staples, both multinational office products firms. He is now applying his business expertise to state politics to create a powerful team of volunteers and allied organizations to further the cause of conservatism in the state of California.

Using the power of social media, Mike is helping to spearhead the recall effort for Gavin Newsom.

Mike is also using his speaking skills to spread awareness to many groups throughout the State. He was educated at San Diego State University in Business and Computer Science.

Dan Seoane

Digital Communications
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Robin McCrea

Chief Financial Officer
Robin is a veteran budget officer/analyst having recently held this position for 16 years with the College of Agriculture at Chico State. She was responsible for the management and oversight of $3.5 million budgets for the state and the foundation for the campus office and University Farm.

Politically active since 1972, Robin has worked for presidential and state campaigns throughout California in several capacities. While working with assemblymen in their state capitol and district offices, she gained a broad insight into constituent concerns.

Robin’s career also includes holding insurance licensing as well as a Series 7 license. Her financial experience with retirement, high taxes, and the local and state political climate has given her additional insight into why families are struggling and can no longer afford to plan for their futures in California.

In October 2019, Robin was inspired to join in the effort to Recall Governor Gavin Newsom. The governor’s actions that overrule the vote of the people, his executive orders, and the onslaught of legislation that he has signed infringing on our right to work and our 2nd Amendment rights, has brought her out of retirement.

Robin is concerned that California is dying rather than thriving. She believes this recall is imperative to help save California and to alert the people of our nation that Newsom is not a viable governor or future presidential candidate.

Robin’s engaged leadership style, work ethic and personal insight coupled with her transparent approach to financial management, is an important part of our success.

Susan Hurd

State Volunteer Coordinator
Susan spent most of her working life as a legal assistant. She was born and raised in the Bay Area and moved to the Sierra Foothills in 1995. As a hard-working single mother raising two boys, Susan didn’t have the time to become active in politics, although she always stood firm in her belief in traditional values.

Susan was a dedicated employee with strong work ethics until she retired in 2019. Since that time, Susan has become involved in politics in an effort to help save California. She volunteers at her local Republican Headquarters and joined the efforts to Recall Governor Gavin Newsom. Susan has worked hard her entire life for what she has, and she has passed onto her children the beliefs and integrity that were instilled in her by her parents.

Watching our State crumble with Gavin Newsom raising taxes higher than most states in our country, wasting our hard-earned money and taking away our constitutional rights, are just some of the reasons Susan has become deeply involved in politics.

Susan believes there needs to be more transparency in government. She believes that our schools are not receiving the funds that the taxpayers are paying, and California’s education system is far behind other states considering the vast amount of money being poured into the State by the people. Susan endeavors to see the State of California return to a thriving economy, reduce or eliminate the absurdly high taxes, return constitutional rights to the people, instill integrity and ethics, and stop Newsom from corrupting our State any further.