Education is the cornerstone of society. Our public school system was once among the best in the world, second to none. Now it has a failing grade. Our schools are among the worst in the nation. The public education system has been turned into a school of indoctrination and social engineering, focusing instruction more on social issues rather than teaching our students the fundamentals. Unisex lockers and changing areas, restrooms and sporting events, controversial sexual education curriculum being taught at early ages have already made their ways into our schools. Now, the divisive Critical Race Theory is being taught in our public schools and threatens to reignite racial tensions after decades of progress to heal old wounds. Rebuilding California starts in our school system. We can dramatically upgrade our education system, reduce class size, increase test scores and improve the overall learning experience by creating new opportunities and making options available to people seeking an alternative to the public school system.


Rebuild California believes the maintenance of Law and Order, the safety, security and protection of California’s law-abiding citizens are among the government’s most important responsibilities. Fundamental changes have been made, under the guise of ‘Justice Reform’ which tilted the entire judicial system off kilter, in favor of the criminal element over that of law-abiding citizens. It has been said, “Justice must be tempered with mercy, but not substituted by it.”

Its our objective to support Candidates, who champion Law and Order, who wish to restore justice, and repair the damages done by reforms.


Water, the most powerful force on earth, the most precious of natural resources, second only to the air we breathe. Too much or too little can be equally devastating. For decades our elected officials have been sounding the alarm of a pending climate change doom. We have been told to ‘follow the science’ and do our part to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’, and eliminate ‘greenhouse gasses’ to stop the threat. Regardless of where you stand there is one thing we can all agree on, there has been overwhelming attention given to the topic. While our elected officials debate how to save us from ourselves, they have overlooked some very important matters. They’ve not taken any actions to save us from the very real threats we face here and now, such as drought and flood control.

Our elected officials have a responsibility to the citizens of this state to maintain adequate water storage and delivery infrastructure to meet the state’s agricultural needs and the demands of a growing population. Sacramento Politicians have turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to our immediate needs, as they chase windmills across the sky. We have the ability and the authority to bring these important matters to vote through the ballot initiative process. We, the people have the ability to self-govern and get these things done of our own accord.

We don’t need the legislators to build dams for us or improve our infrastructure,” said Orrin Heatlie a retired Yolo County Sheriff Sergeant. “We can do that ourselves.”

Who Needs Sacramento or GOP? Recall Boss Heatlie Plots Burst of Ballot Drives – Times of San Diego


The notion of Self-Governance is the very thing this country was founded upon, a government of the people, by the people and for the people. A check and balance system was put in place by the founding fathers to separate power between the three coequal branches of government, Legislative, Executive and Judicial. This maintains balance in the system, holds each branch accountable and preserves the culture of a representative government. When a single party, ‘super majority rule’ exists over all branches of government, the separations between the different branches disappears. Elected officials operate with impunity, no longer representative of or held accountable to the people they serve. When this happens the people are the only mechanism which can restore balance to the system. The people have the right, the authority and the ability to self-govern. The people can recall and remove elected officials from office, they can change laws, amend the state constitution and enact policy through the public initiative process. Rebuilding California will require the people of the state to take action of their own, where the politicians have failed to do so.

  • Border wall
  • School choice
  • Drought protection, Water storage, supply
  • Flood control
  • End sanctuary state
  • Repeal prop 47, 57 and AB 109
  • Repeal Gas Tax


California needs to seal its borders. Our state can no longer afford the human and fiscal tragedy that an unchecked flow of noncitizens is bringing to the state.

California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 54 on October 5, 2017, which created a statewide sanctuary for those who may be living in the state as illegal aliens. The new law made the following provisions:

  • State and local police officers are now prohibited from inquiring about an individual’s immigration status during the routine course of their work.
  • State and local officers are forbidden from holding illegal immigrants until they can be transferred into federal custody.
  • Federal agencies are prohibited from commandeering local authorities to work with immigration agencies and perform the work of immigration agents.